Exclusive Dealership With Premium PTMT Bath Fittings

Exclusive Dealership With Premium PTMT Bath Fittings


Increase Your Profits with Premium PTMT  Bath Fittings: Get Best Wholesale and Retail Dealership Today



Increase Your Profits with Premium PTMT Bath Fittings: Get Best
Wholesale and Retail Dealership Today

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Our Best Collection

Our Best Collection

Highly Durable

Made from best engineering polymer technology and resist up to 70 degree C hot water.

Excellent Service

Dedicated after-sale team within no time reflects that we do care for our valued customers.

Outdoor Compatibility

High suitable for outer environment having high ESCR with no reduction in color.

Unbreakable Body

Equally tough and durable like Brass taps as well as scratch resistant/anti-scratch free.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Apachi Bath Fittings as your preferred wholesaler or retailer for unparalleled success in the industry. Our commitment to delivering top-notch quality products ensures that you can offer your customers the very best, building a reputation for excellence in your market. Opting for Apachi means not only enjoying superior product quality but also unlocking more significant profit margins that directly impact your bottom line. We prioritize customer support, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction and assistance whenever needed. Elevate your business by partnering with Apachi Bath Fittings – where quality, profitability, and customer support converge for your continued success.

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Most Frequent Question Answer

Apachi PTMT Products & Accessories are made of premium quality plastic polymer which is tested for its extreme heat resistance and non-reactive to water.

Apachi manufactures a variety of PTMT Faucets and Accessories:

  • Faucets: Pillar Taps, Bib Taps, Angle Valves, Swan Neck with Swivel Spout Faucets, Sink Tap with Swivel Spouts, Two-way Bib Taps, and Two-way Angle Valves.
  • Accessories: Jet Spray, Ball Valves for Flushing Cisterns, Geyser Connection Pipes, & Push Valve Faucets for drinking water purposes.

Yes. PTMT material is absolutely safe for use in the kitchen as it does not react with water at all. The material does not rust, corrode, rot, peel or even fade when in contact with water, making it suitable for drinking water usage and in general safe for kitchen use.

Yes. Apachi PTMT faucets and accessories are tested to withstand extreme hot and cold water. The material is highly heat-resistant and therefore safe for use with geysers and hot water.

All Apachi PTMT Products are 100% made in India. The well-equipped and technologically updated manufacturing units are located in Dilshad Garden, New Delhi.

  • 30-Days Return Window
  • 100% Made in India
  • Sustainable & Authentic Raw Materials
  • Multiple Designs Available

No problems! Apachi offers a 30-day return window. Even if you’ve ordered the wrong size, we would be happy to exchange it and quickly deliver your desired sizes and designs.

Yes! When you can shop for expensive gadgets online, why not basic essentials for your household? Buying Apachi Showers online is as easy as shopping on any other platform! Get offers, discounts, quick deliveries and much more